The new 2019 Porsche Macan has a lot to offer drivers. It has an interior that can accommodate five adults, offers an advanced safety system, and has the performance options that most people want.

Interior design

The 2019 Porsche Macan interior design is focused on the driver. It offers plenty of room in the front and back. A low dashboard keeps it comfortable to sit in. However, the space can feel bare without a lot of options.

The Macan features a sporty steering wheel with paddle shifters. A digital readout screen flanks a sizable central tachometer. There are also horizontal blades under the indicators.

The Macan has an all-wheel drive system that maximizes traction. Its driving dynamics are smooth, allowing the SUV to corner hard.

2019 Porsche Macan Interior

New styling cues will bring the Macan in line with other Porsche ranges. The headlamps, taillights, and rear end have been redesigned. And a full-width light bar on the tailgate will add a modern touch.

Among the updates, the Porsche Macan’s infotainment system will get an upgrade. It includes a more responsive touchscreen and standard voice control. Lastly, the Connect Plus module will receive an upgrade, bringing the car’s technology in line with the new Panamera.

The Macan’s front end has been redesigned to look more aggressive. In addition, the lower door area will be treated to black trim.

Those who opt for the Macan can also choose three different paint colors. Crayon gray, Dolomite silver metallic, and Miami blue are all available. These colors contrast nicely with the black accents.

During the refresh, Porsche also added new safety features to the Macan. These include Traffic Jam Assist. Designed to help the vehicle maneuver through traffic, it can be activated at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.

Regarding the rear, the Macan gets a redesigned bumper section. The new bumper also features enlarged corner air intakes. Click Here to Check Pre-owned Inventory of 2018 Porsche Macan S

Performance options

The Porsche Macan offers a wide range of options for performance. For example, buyers can add carbon-ceramic brakes, adaptive air suspension, and a sport exhaust system. It also has optional stand-alone features such as a panoramic sunroof, a Burmester sound system with 16 speakers, and skid plates.

Porsche Macan’s interior is roomy and has a great seating position. The SUV’s steering and handling are precise and responsive. Although the body control is impressive, the car’s stiffness can be unnerving on everyday roads.

2019 Porsche Macan Performance

The Macan S is a good choice for drivers looking for a small sports car. In this model, the 340 horsepower engine is boosted to 348 hp. Combined with a quick 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, this powertrain can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 5.1 seconds. However, the Macan S sacrifices its cornering ability.

A turbo four-cylinder engine powers the base model of the Macan. This provides 248 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. You can upgrade to a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 for more power.

The new Macan has an updated front end, taillights, and interior design. Its exterior styling now matches the rest of the Porsche lineup. Additionally, the Macan has a new 10.9-inch touchscreen. That replaces the 7.0-inch unit.

The Macan’s new wheels complete the exterior changes. You can choose from 18-inch, 19-inch, or 21-inch tires. A full-width taillight bar ends the design.

Performance options for the Macan include a sport exhaust system, adaptive air suspension, and a surround-view camera array. Consider the Sport Chrono package if you want to pay for these upgrades. Adding this feature to your Macan will add a stopwatch, launch control, and a mode switch on the steering wheel.

Safety systems

The Porsche Macan is the perfect choice if you’re in the market for a sporty, luxury crossover SUV. The Macan offers excellent performance and cutting-edge safety features. It is available in base and S models.

2019 Porsche Macan For Sale

For 2019, the Porsche Macan gets new interior changes and a revamped infotainment system. It also offers a new V6 engine. In addition, it has been refreshed with a unique design and sportier handling.

The Macan interior is packed with premium materials and soft-touch surfaces. There is also a standard mobile Wi-Fi package, USB ports, and 12-volt outlets.

A 10.9-inch touchscreen dominates the center stack. That’s a considerable upgrade from the old model’s 8.6-inch screen. Besides being easier to operate, the new system also has more vibrant graphics. Plus, the menus and controls are more intuitive.

Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts your speed to traffic and maintains a set distance behind you. Using radar-based technology, the system can sense the vehicle ahead and follow its path.

Lane Change Assist monitors your blind spots and alerts you if the car in front leaves the lane. This feature is optional.

Porsche Macan also offers a reversing camera and a rearview camera with parking assist. You can also purchase a surround-view parking camera system. These systems use three additional high-resolution cameras to create a 360-degree surround view.

The 2019 Macan is loaded with passive and active safety features. It includes a lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a rearview camera with parking assist.

Depending on the model, you can also order heated rear seats, 18-way power-adjustable seats, and a surround-view parking camera system. However, some options are also a bit costly.

Safety suites are more comprehensive than those from BMW and Mercedes

The Porsche Macan is a sporty and elegant compact SUV. It offers sharp handling, excellent visibility, and a stylish interior. But it lacks some of the luxury features found on BMW and Mercedes-Benz models. Unlike those cars, however, it has a lot of standard safety technology.

Safety is a primary concern for most consumers. Fortunately, the Porsche Macan has an array of systems that provide superior protection. These include automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and a surround-view camera system.

One of the most impressive features of the Porsche Macan is its chassis. It has a finely tuned suspension that allows drivers to adjust the ride height to suit the driving conditions. This results in an ideal blend of comfort and sport.

For drivers who want to go fast, the Macan S can be equipped with Porsche’s twin-turbo V6 that generates 375 horsepower. Other optional features include a sport-tuned steering system and upgraded brakes. There is also a lane-keeping assist and blind-spot monitoring feature.

Another excellent safety feature is the rearview camera, which uses a rear-mounted camera to scan the road markings. It can even help you find a parking spot.

With the optional GTS Sport Package, you can add high-performance tires, black interior trim, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and a sports Chrono package. A reversing camera is also included.

Even the base model has lots of technology. The 4.8-inch digital display has a navigation system, radio, and phone. The screen includes superimposed guidelines, a reversing camera, and a reverse lockout function.

The Macan’s trunk has 17.2 cubic feet of dedicated cargo space, ample for four adults, and light luggage. If you need more room, the second-row seats fold flat to create 53 cubic feet of space. You can even fit four roll-on bags

Room for up to five

The Porsche Macan is a sporty, versatile crossover SUV that offers excellent cargo room and a comfortable back seat. It is an ideal family vehicle. The Macan can handle it all, whether you’re driving across the country with your family or a few shopping bags.

The Macan’s 17-cubic-foot trunk is enough to accommodate four adults with light luggage. In addition, the rear seats fold flat to create 52.9 cubic feet of storage space.

The Macan’s center console is packed with buttons and knobs. There are also a few cup holders and an air ionizer to help keep the cabin’s interior air fresh.

2019 Porsche Macan Specs

Inside the Macan, the front seats are firm, and there is little knee room. Even the back seats have limited legroom. However, the clamshell hood makes for good access to the engine bay.

A 4.8-inch digital display can be used for navigation, phone calls, and more. A reversing camera and an audio system are standard.

The Macan is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 273 lb-ft of torque. It’s all-wheel-drive system enables the SUV to handle the roughest of surfaces.

For added convenience, the Macan can be fitted with a panoramic sunroof. The trunk offers 17.2 cubic feet of space. Although the Macan’s trunk isn’t as large as the Mercedes-Benz GLC or Volvo XC60, it’s perfect for a more prominent family with a lot of baggage.

You can purchase the Macan with full leather or partial leather upholstery if you want more comfort. These add $3630 to the car’s price. Alternatively, you can pay $220 for a two-tone color scheme.

You can find the Macan in various colors, including Agate Grey, Black/Mojave Beige, and Platinum Silver. You can also order a red or black interior with partial leather.

FAQs for the 2019 Porsche Macan

What are some of the features of the 2019 Porsche Macan?

The 2019 Macan comes with a range of impressive features, including a sporty interior design, adaptive air suspension, a touchscreen infotainment system, and advanced safety technology such as lane keep assist and blind spot monitoring.

What kind of engine does the 2019 Porsche Macan have?

The 2019 Porsche Macan is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine producing up to 348 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. Depending on the model, it is available with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

What kind of fuel efficiency does the 2019 Porsche Macan have?

The 2019 Porsche Macan has an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 20 mpg city/25 mpg highway for rear-wheel drive models and 19 mpg city/24 mpg highway for all-wheel drive models.


The 2019 Porsche Macan is a great crossover SUV for those looking to combine luxury, power, and efficiency. Its impressive features, such as adaptive air suspension, touchscreen infotainment system, and advanced safety technology, make it perfect for taking the family on long trips or even running errands around town. The powerful 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine produces up to 348 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque while offering an EPA estimated fuel economy rating of 20 mpg city/25 mpg highway (or 19 mpg city/24 mpg highway with all-wheel drive). The Macan covers you whether you’re looking for something sporty or comfortable.

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