The 2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive is the perfect choice for an executive sedan that offers luxury, comfort, and power. Its limo-like rear seat legroom and spacious cabin provide a driving experience that can’t be matched.

The interior design is also luxurious, offering upscale materials and premium appointments. It promises a comfortable and quiet riding experience for your passengers as well.

2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Exquisite Design

The 2022 Porsche panamera turbo s executive is the perfect mix of power and style. Whether driving around town or cruising to your next vacation destination, it will deliver the power you need for your everyday commute and all-out adventures. The Panamera Turbo is the fastest model in the family, boasting 620 horsepower and 604 pound-feet of torque from its 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8. It also has racy options like Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV+), rear-axle steering, and a Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport roll-stabilization system.

2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S For sale

Unlike some luxury sedans that make you feel like a robot when you drive them, the Panamera has a sophisticated interior that feels like a human designed it. It has an opulent and luxurious interior and can be personalized with many choices. You can customize your Panamera to fit any budget and lifestyle with various optional features and upgrades. You can choose from 25-wheel and interior color options and add leather upgrades to the interior to liven up the space.

One of the most popular choices is the Premium package, which features a 12.3-inch touchscreen for infotainment. It has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as navigation.

The opulent interior features hand-picked, exceptionally soft, and smooth materials, such as Black Milled Nappa leather. It is accentuated with contrasting Chestnut Brown stitching. This unique finishing process was developed by the Italian studio Poltrona Frau(r). The seats feature larger individual ventilation perforations cut into the Porsche crest’s outline.

High-Performance Powertrain

The 2022 Porsche Panamera turbo s executive is a high-performance luxury sedan with impressive features. It includes a powerful 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine that produces 325 horsepower and a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 5.3 seconds. It also has various performance features and options that add to the driving experience. Click here to view the best inventory of porsche panamera

The new Panamera line has various trims, body styles, and powertrain options. With so many choices, choosing the right car for you can take a lot of work. However, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you navigate this vast Porsche lineup. To help you get started, we’ve broken down the model range into three categories: base, mid-range, and top-tier. Each category has unique features that can be tailored to meet your needs.

2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Performance

We recommend starting with the base model, which is equipped with a 325-horsepower turbocharged V6. The Turbo S is more expensive and offers additional features like AWD, Porsche Traction Management, adaptive air suspension, and red brake calipers.

Regarding fuel efficiency, most Panamera models are fairly gas-efficient, with EPA ratings of 18 mpg city, 24 highway, and 20 combined. This means you’ll have to be careful with how you drive this car to ensure you get the most mileage out of it.

We recommend going with the Turbo S E-Hybrid for drivers who want to take their driving to the next level. A twin-turbo V6 and an electric motor power this trim. Its EPA ratings are as good as those of the 4S, with an 18-mile all-electric range and 50 combined MPGe.

Advanced Technology of 2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Aside from its sexy and dynamic styling, the 2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo s executive also offers an impressive array of advanced technology features that enhance your comfort and safety while on the road. These features include Porsche’s new Rear Seat Entertainment System Plus, which provides comprehensive business and entertainment functions via two high-resolution 10.1-inch touchscreens on the back of the front headrests.

For example, you can use this system to stream music from your Apple iPhone or play various other audio files through a Burmester high-end surround sound system. In addition, you can use the touchscreen to control all of your smartphone’s settings and functions.

2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Reviews

Another helpful feature is the Panamera’s 12.3-inch infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and wireless connectivity for your phone and other devices. However, the screen could be more intuitive to operate.

The Panamera’s chassis systems have also been redesigned with more precisely adjusted steering and a new generation of tires, allowing it to deliver better handling. Thanks to its adaptive air suspension, the car can even handle bumps and other minor road imperfections.

You’ll find a host of powertrain options to choose from, from a 325-horsepower twin-turbo V6 to a 620-horsepower turbocharged V8 engine. The latter produces a blistering sprint to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. The engine can be paired with either rear or all-wheel drive for optimal performance.

Impressive Safety Suite

The Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive is one of the most luxurious executive sport sedans on the market. It’s packed with leading-edge technology designed to protect you and your passengers. Safety features in this impressive model include a rearview camera, traffic sign recognition, lane-keeping assist, and cruise control. Several optional safety features can be added to this vehicle, including night vision assist, surround view cameras, and the advanced Porsche InnoDrive system with adaptive cruise control.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find very comfortable seating for four adults, all with a bucket design that provides plenty of room for long trips and spirited driving. Seats are bolstered, heated, and cooled for passenger comfort. You can upgrade the front seats for an even more luxurious feel. They start with 8-way power adjustments but can be upgraded to 18-way adjustments, full leather, and sports-seat bolstering.

If you want to feel more connected, you can add a premium audio or navigation system with voice controls. Other options include wireless device charging, Android Auto, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Porsche offers a wide range of performance and handling options for its luxury sedans, which means you’ll find something to suit your taste. You’ll always enjoy a superior driving experience in a Panamera Turbo S Executive, regardless of your preference. Moreover, you’ll get the luxury and exclusivity that only Porsche can provide.

Luxurious Interior Comfort and Amenities

The 2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo s executive is one of the most luxurious and advanced sedans on the market. Its spacious cabin features intelligent technology and premium materials to keep you comfortable, while its high-performance drivetrain offers track-ready thrills.

The Panamera is available in various trim levels, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. It comes standard with an impressive array of comfort and convenience features, including a heated steering wheel, power-adjustable front seats, and dual-zone automatic climate control.

2022 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Interior

You’ll also have access to Porsche’s latest technology, such as an infotainment screen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Touch-sensitive controls surround the center console, and physical switches control various performance-oriented functions.

As you move up the model spectrum, you’ll gain various features that make driving the Porsche more enjoyable. You’ll get an active air suspension, which helps keep the Panamera stable under challenging conditions.

Its rear seats offer plenty of space and comfort, too. The six-inch-longer Executive models have limo-like legroom, and the trunk offers 18 cubic feet of cargo space.

The Panamera is the best choice for people who want a high-performance, luxurious, and affordable sedan. It is a superior choice to the luxury class competitors from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, so contact us today at Porsche Ann Arbor to learn more about how the Panamera can meet your lifestyle and driving needs.

World-Class Driving Dynamics And Handling Performance

There’s no doubt that this 2022 Porsche panamera turbo s executive is an imposing driving machine. It has a strong base that delivers better handling than expected, thanks to Porsche Active Suspension Management and PDCC Sport electromechanical roll stabilization systems.

The car’s steering is also well-tuned. The redesigned suspension and new tires ensure that every corner of this 4,694-pound vehicle is handled smoothly and precisely. Even though the car’s large, the turbocharged V-8 makes it feel fast and agile, significantly when the Sport Chrono package is activated.

This redesigned chassis is a significant reason why the Panamera is such a good driver’s car. It combines Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control with the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus system, optimizing the rear differential lock and ensuring that the drive torque is evenly distributed across the rear axle.

Combined with the PDCC Sport electromechanical roll stabilization system, it prevents the car from rolling on its longitudinal axis while reducing body vibrations and improving its balance via dynamic roll moment distribution. In addition, this system improves steering performance and balanced load alteration behavior.

The car’s traction and stability controls and all-wheel drive (available on some models) further improve traction and safety in all conditions. It also offers a variety of luxury features, including a 12.3-inch center touchscreen that provides the latest tech and navigation, as well as two premium audio systems from BOSE and Burmester.


Q: Is The Porsche Panamera A Supercar?

A: No, the Porsche Panamera is not a supercar.

Q: What Does Panamera Mean?

A: The word “Panamera” is derived from the Greek words “pan” (all) and “America” (view), meaning that the car provides an all-encompassing view.

Q: Is The Porsche Panamera A Daily Driver?

A: The Porsche Panamera is a comfortable and practical daily driver.

Q: Is The Panamera A Genuine Porsche?

A: Yes, the Panamera is a genuine Porsche with all of the luxury and performance features of the brand.

Q: Is the Panamera Fun To Drive?

A: The Porsche Panamera is fun to drive thanks to its powerful engine, responsive handling, and luxurious interior.


The 2022 Porsche Panamera is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a high-performance, luxurious, and affordable sedan. With world-class driving dynamics, superior handling, and luxury features, it’s ideal for those who appreciate Porsche’s legendary excellence. Make the most of this opportunity and experience the perfect drive with Porsche Ann Arbor.

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